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Anne Morrone is a graduate of Royal Roads University as a Certified Executive Coach.  She also holds a "Masters of Music in Opera Performance" from The Boston Conservatory. As a energetic, compassionate and motivating coach, Anne believes that your dream is there and will help you realize it, believe it and be held accountable to make it happen.


Anne focuses her practice on propelling her clients forward by challenging them through self-awareness.  Her method helps clients see their full potential which in turn helps bring their vision and dreams to reality.  Her clients achieve their goals through Anne' coaching and in turn she helps them make the difference in their lives and those around them.

Anne loves a great story; coming from the world of opera with many twists, turns and excitement, there is an energy from the stories told, always a different interpretation, style and individual element to the final performance. Anne wants to help her clients tell their story and bring it to life. Anne loves the creative process and watching the inception of an idea brought to reality. The sky's the limit!

Anne and her best friend of 36 years Tanya are racers on The Amazing Race Canada Season 4! Watch Anne and Tanya take on the race, explore our beautiful country and show Canada what two marvelous Mamas can do!


“I am passionate about people who want to create and have impact in our world achieving their full potential.”

                                                             - ANNE MORRONE

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